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Doyu 8 Ball

Doyu 8 Ball

Doyu 8 ball Game is one of the games where you need to combine all your skills in one place.
This wonderful game can be played with the computer, which at the highest level is very hard to be beaten, however, you can play it with your friends too

If you want to play the game alone then just click on 1 Player button, and if you want o play with another player all you have to do is use press 2 players.

The whole game is controlled by mouse.

When you aim to the ball you wana hit, click on the left tab of the mouse and hold it.
The further the cue is to the ball, the more power your shoot will have.
Yeah, that is good, but power is not what every shoot needs. That’s why you need to be wise to play this game well.

If you are disturbed by the music, you just need to go to the main menu and click the buttons at the rtop-right cornner.

Just like in real life when you play 8-ball pool, you must have good strategies. Y
You shuld not aim to put only one ball at the whole, but you need to hit the one that gets you to the other best ball. This is a streagy that you should follow

There are also some strict rules here. If your opponent or you hit the opponent ball, your shot will be lost and the opponent gets the ball in hand and can place anywhere he wants.

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