Defeat your friend. Well the name tells it all. This is multiplayer gamewhere you can defeat your friend.
I call this game as an union from many games like Math Wars Hi-Lo and Tic Tac Toe.

Defeat Your Friend

Defeat Your Friend


First Player

Use Arrow Keys for walking

Second player

Use W A S D for walking

Everything else is done by mouse

You should keep the ball away as on Pong

Which were the same cards? You should match them as on Memory Game

You should bring the symbols together as on Tic Tac Toe

This game is very addictive but at the same time many pedagogs have said that to new kids is very good because due to the game play. It makes them to have a better reflex, compared to the kids that never play it.

The game it is based on real-life ping pong game, as you already know the game is only played by people who can through the ball to the other side of the table as much faster as they can.

The winner is the one who throws faster than the opponent. That is why the game is also called defeat your friend.

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