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Crazy Math Games

Crazy Math Games is a very thrilling game. This game has been played more than 5.038 times and the rating on games developer company is 9.8 with 103 votes. The game is built on Flash on the server side which makes it playable on all web browsers. This game can also be installed on iOS and Android phones without problems, but I would suggest that is better to play it here on gamesng.comMath Games is going to test your counting skills in a fun way.

crazy math games

The game has 6 different mini-games, and each of them has its own rules and high scores. In each game, you only are given a limited amount time and a limited number of lives, so quick thinking is key! You can submit your high scores and compete with other players globally! This game is suggested also by psychologits because it helps your counting skills of your child in a very fun way. This is the newest version of crazy math games which has 6 small-games inside of the big game and each of them is very fun and iteractive for your kid.


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