Big head basketball comes at handy time for me. Just after I finished high school where I played a lot of basketball, I found this fantastic game. I tried many other games related to basketball online, but the reason why I chose this game is because you can play online with your friends and all over the words. You can also compete in championships which makes it a lot more interesting. In championships, every games is very important and not like random games where I am not focused all the time to win.
First you need to select the team. This game has bought copyrights from NBA league, that’s why you can pick real NBA teams like Chicago Bulls, Boston Mavericks, and Brooklyn. After you pick your team, then you need to select the level that you want to play against your enemies. At first I choose the first level, as I was a beginner at this game. I suggest you doing the same.
Big Head Basketball
There is also a good thing selecting the first level because you can win more money. After you win more money you can improve your athlete’s skills including hit power from a distance so he can score more 3 points. You can also improve jump height to make banana blocks to your enemies big head basketball big head basketball big head basketball big head basketball big head basketball.
After you have won enough points, you can start competing in championships. However, be careful there as you can have very strong opponents who have been playing this game for years. But, do not worry much because with practice you can also defeat them. It takes some time but it is all worth it.
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