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Ball and Walls

ball and walls

Ball and walls are one of the simplest game I have ever played online. Even compared to other mini-series games, which at core function are very easy.

The game is so simple to understand. You have a ball in the game on different platforms. Your goal is to move the ball, and not hit the wall.

This game also can be played by 2 players at the same time, and the goal remains the same.

However, when you play with 2 characters, the game mission changes. At the beginning is the same goal, to not hi the walls, but after you finish that part of the game. Then you or your opponent, whoever computer artificial intellegence decides has to hit the other opponent ball and walls.

First you can see that the game play does not have any walls, but once you play for some minutes (I guess 30 seconds), and you do not catch or be caught from the opponent. The walls show up which make the game a lot more interesting.

ball and walls

One of the hardest things that beginners can not understand are the power ups. Once the game starts each of the players has a single gray ball. After that, the more further you go, the color of the ball starts to change too. The highest color which you can achieve is gold. Which relates to real life, gold having one of the best prices.

After the color changes, at the max levels, you can also see the ball dividing into 2 other balls with the same color. This is only for higher level which I achieve to have my ball divided into 16 parts. The top level being in 32 balls, which I will update once I achieve it.

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