Once you step into anime battle 1.8 you need to pick your favorite anime hero. This game is on 2d Version but I just interviewed the developing company and they said that they are also developing another version which will be in 3D and then also 4D version. Isn’t that just awesome? I mean 2d version gameplay series is great but just imagine how 3d and 4d will be?

You have a different variety of anime heroes you can pick but the ones I mostly like are Slasher from the Samurai X. I like that character because he has 2 different guns. One which is with unlimited ammo and the other version with limited ammo, but way much stronger bullet. I checked at the game settings, anime battle 1.8 and Samurai X (Slasher gun) causes the most damage to your enemy. However, you should be always on the lookout because the bullets go out very fast, so you need to find other bullets.

anime battle 1.8

anime battle 1.8

You also have other characters such as Kirito from the Sword Art Online which is my second option. I like Kirito because it is the fastest one. Compared to Slasher, it can move 3 times faster than him. You can dodge a lot of bullets just by moving in the map, and doing zig zag positions. The downside of Kirito, is that you need to go near your opponent and attack him with sword. The gun he has doesn’t cause damage a lot, so I don’t even shoot. I just aim to go near him, and kill with sword.



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